If you have a mac you will know that what comes with it is the default dictionary, something I’ve always loved. This was not so with the iPhone/iPad and iOS devices, or that’s what I thought anyway. Perhaps you already know this workaround or perhaps you have been living under a rock for a while like me.
Anyway here goes, open the default note app on your iOS device and write a word, I have used the word dictionary as I thought it appropriate. Highlight and select the word.

Scroll along until you come to define and select, at this point at the bottom left corner you will see manage select it and a page of dictionaries will appear for you to download.

The next time you define a word it will appear automatically. On the mac with a workaround I was able to add an English-Italian dictionary, I don’t see that being the case here, although I haven’t looked around much. If there’s anyone out there who does, give me a shout!

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