As if you really wanted to know! When I read other people’s posts on the same subject I often pick something new that I didn’t know about or use what I have differently. I may not do either of that for you if you are a hard core app user, but as tablets become more popular there are a lot of people just starting out, so this may help them.
My screen may not do justice as some of the apps are hidden in folders but I will go through what I personally use and how I use it:
Probably one of the most useful apps I have and have been using since it was first released is Dropbox I was able to knock up over 20GB free as it was unheard of years ago so I managed to earn quite a lot through referrals, I did have a lot more with a Samsung phone I used to have, 70GB but unfortunately that only lasted a year so I had to move things around after that as my quota was getting really full. For that I use Google Drive which gives me 15GB I have an extra 10GB as I downloaded Quick Office I did not use the app after downloading as I found it lagged as I do with the official Google Drive app. I have opted for Gdrive and it seems to work well for me so far.
Coming back to Dropbox, my photos are automatically synced there, but I am now also syncing photos to Flickr unfortunately there is no iPad app for this, which is unbelievable, and the iPhone app is very basic. The best thing about Flickr is it gives you 1 terabyte of cloud space, not bad eh! Perhaps you didn’t know that! I could not live without Dropbox, but I really wish it had some management system so you can find things easier, mine seems a bit of a mess..
Pocket is my favourite save later app, I am forever scouring the web, when I find something of interest that’s where it goes in my pocket so to speak, the great thing about pocket is that you can access it from anywhere, via web, smartphone or tablet, and it covers them all (or almost) please don’t tell me it doesn’t cover what you have because in that case I will tell you you don’t have the right equipment!

Flipboard is another must have, it really is a unique newsreader, and you make it your own by choosing what you want to read, you can even make your own magazines and personalize them, great stuff!
I use other apps from Readdle mainly printer pro, scanner pro and Documents, some of these apps you may find you have to pay for, I was lucky and got some of them free when on offer.
I think this names my hard core productivity apps, although I do use others which I will talk about in my next post, if that is anyone read this one. I would also be interested to know what you use?

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